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Mary has an unbelievable way of individualizing a comprehensive exercise plan of achieving better health and physical strength. Love the customized workout plans for the week. Mary makes sure you remain healthy stretching and tweaking training plans as necessary. I love how Mary motivates me and follows up to make sure all is well post training. Love receiving the articles Mary feels would be of interest to me. I look forward to our workouts fun yet challenging.
Cindy Duff Chicago

Personal Training Client


My husband and I took Mary’s boot camp class and loved it. She is a great teacher and motivator and was able create new routines and exercises to keep it both fun and fresh. Even though our class had a wide variety of ages and strengths, Mary was able to make it a great workout for each of us. I strongly recommend Mary to be a catalyst for getting anyone in great  shape.

Tricia Barry Chicago

Bootcamp Participant


"Mary will push you to be the best you, you can be. While training with Mary you will accomplish things you never thought you could do."
Lori Barry Oswego, Illinois

Run Club Member


Mary Casula truly cares about a person's health and fitness, and helped push me into finding out that I truly can succeed with my fitness goals.  I was never a runner in my life, and Mary helped me prove to myself that I am a runner and just didn't know it.  She helped me learn to love running and I have seen so many benefits from it over the past few years.  She pushes you hard in the workouts while having fun.  Mary is such an inspiration to so many people and I am grateful for everything I've learned from her.

Kim Dunham Oswego, Illinois

Personal Training Client/Weight Loss Participant




Running with Mary has been a great experience. I was never a runner, however I showed up to run club one day and could only go a half mile. Mary stayed with me and encouraged me on. I went from never running to running 2 marathons and multiple half marathons!
Maritza Pienta Oswego, Illinois

Run Club Member











I trained with Mary for 2 years before my daughter was born. She knows just when to push you and when to encourage you. She is one of the most inspiring people I know, and will provide you with workouts, meals, and at home exercise routines that will exceed your personal goals.  Mary always made me feel successful at what I was doing and my personal fitness was at its peak!

Tanya Arnold Oswego, Illinois

Personal Training Client










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